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Realized by the Land

Nestled in the sun-soaked western ridge of Little Lake Valley, Fire Flower Farm is comprised of rich Native soils and grasslands. But our little slice of the Emerald Triangle has not come without hard work. We are in the fields together every day, rain or shine, and take great strides to care for the land as it has cared for us.

From rebuilding soils, sourcing inputs locally, or creating models based on longevity and resilience, we are doing it the right way – by the land and people.

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Craft Cannabis

As Avery says, “farming is inherently an act of faith". We’re not reinventing the wheel here. We combine trust, intuition, and good ol’ sun, dirt, and water to cultivate craft wholesale cannabis the way it was supposed to be grown. Just fire flower, nurtured by tender hands and Mother Earth, to heal and regenerate both your body and the land.

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Brand Partners

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