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At Fire Flower, cannabis isn’t just a job, but an experience and lifestyle.
We're loyal to the soil, sun, and community that built us.

Meet Hildi & Avery


Hildi Gerhart

Hildi Gerhart is a Cornell graduate-turned-cannabis-trailblazer, and the brains behind Fire Flower. Inspired by the open spaces and flexibility of the cultivator lifestyle, Hildi moved to Mendocino County in 2011 and entrenched herself in the rich community of legacy growers within the Emerald Triangle. In 2016, she became a female farm owner and has since become a leader in the industry as well as in sustainable farming practices. 

Hildi’s business-and-in-real-life partner, Avery Edmunds, is the farm’s resident Green Thumb. Originally a seasonal harvest employee in NorCal, Avery became Hildi’s co-cultivator before a promotion to boyfriend, and then one to an even loftier title of Hildi’s side-by-side business partner. Avery holds a degree in sustainable agriculture and is the brains behind Fire Flower Farm's plant-intuitive philosophy centered on sustainability and regeneration. He’s his best self working with his hands outside and getting to know each plant individually.


Avery Edmunds



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